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Good design is all about capturing the essence of your brand and taking a consistent approach across print, offline and digital. QBD can help you get creative.

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What is graphic design?

When it comes to building a strong visual identity, creative graphic design is key. 

All the strategic thinking about your business, your customers and your objectives needs translating that into visuals which convey your brand and what you stand for. This needs to be carried across all your online and offline marketing materials and communications to create a consistent perception of your business.  

Shine brighter

Build your identity

There are so many things to consider when it comes to graphic design. Your logo, branding, colours, fonts and imagery all have an impact on the visual identity you create. 

Our creative design team will work with you to understand your business, your brand and your objectives before creating graphic designs which are consistent across all your marketing channels. 

From simple logo creation to more complex website, leaflet and brochure design, we can help ensure your marketing is visually appealing and makes a memorable impact on your target audience.

Supporting your growth


Our G-Series Growth Packages have been designed to give you access to our full range of digital solutions in one simple, affordable monthly package, to help you achieve more from your marketing. 

Make an impact

Why do I need graphic & logo design?

There are certain things in business that you shouldn’t attempt on your own and graphic and logo design is one of them.

When it comes to portraying your brand and business in the best light, creative graphic design is essential. Doing it yourself, with little or no experience, could do more harm than good. 

Whether you’re looking for a new logo, letterheads or business cards, or want a complete revamp of your visual identity, QBD can help.

Our creative team is vastly experienced and uses the latest in design technology to help bring your ideas to life.


Graphic & logo design key features

Stand out from the crowd

A striking, visually appealing design can help you stand out from the crowd and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Reinforce your brand message

Your brand is about more than your logo. Good creative design will help tie your message and your identity together in a way that resonates with your customers.

Stay relevant

Design trends and consumer tastes change. If you’ve not refreshed your visual identity in a while, it can become stale and boring. Maybe it’s time for a rethink?

Build brand awareness

Your logo, branding and visual identity need to be consistent to help build brand awareness. We can help you make an instant and memorable impression.

Attract your ideal customers

Great design should represent your business and your customers. We create designs which connect with your audience and stay true to your values.

Gain a competitive edge

Your design can have a direct impact on the performance of your business. We can help you craft clever, creative designs that draw customers in.

Engage your audience

Understanding your business

We’ll work with you to understand your customers, your objectives and your ambitions, before creating graphic designs that capture the essence of your business and the message you are trying to convey.  

We combine creative  flair with strategic insight and understanding to build brands which help businesses stay connected to their ideal customers. 

We can also provide ongoing growth consultancy and support to help you keep pushing your business forwards and ensure our brand, digital and marketing solutions are working as hard for you as they possibly can, to maximise the return on your investment.

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Evolving your identity

Whether you are looking to give your visual identity a complete overhaul or are after some one-off work on a flyer, brochure or pop-up banner, we can help ensure it’s consistent, compelling and relevant to your customers. 

Our starting point is always your customers. We help you to put yourself in their shoes and look at your business through their eyes. 

Once you understand what they see when they look at you, the rest is easy. Why not give us a try?

You can buy any of our branding & design services as a one-off purchase, or they can be part of a G-Series Growth Package and include additional services with easy monthly payments to support your ongoing growth objectives.

It all starts with a conversation. To find out how we can help, get in touch today.

“What I have really enjoyed about working with QBD is working on a project as part of a team. In a small business it can at times be very lonely, but QBD has made the process of developing the website a collaborative one where we were all pulling in the same direction for the same objectives, rather than just trying to reach a point where QBD could bill me.”

Andrew Horler, AMDH Services Ltd