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Your logo, visual identity and messaging should all work together to create a perception about your business. We can help make sure it’s the right one.

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What is brand messaging?

When it comes to building a brand, the way you communicate is just as important as the visual impression you make on your customers. 

A strong brand message that resonates with your target audiences is the key to inspiring your audience and getting them to choose you over your competitors. 

Brand messaging is about creating a clear and compelling narrative that resonates with your customers and captures the essence of your business and what it stands for.

Engage your audience

Tell your brand story

Building a successful brand is all about understanding your customers, how they perceive you and what they want from you. 

It’s about the promise you make to your customers, the value you deliver and the problems you solve.

Communicating that effectively with a brand message which makes an impact can be a challenge.  

Our expert team of creatives and growth consultants can help you take a strategic view of your business and the steps you need to take to get your brand messaging to the next level, to engage and inspire your customers.

Supporting your growth


Our G-Series Growth Packages have been designed to give you access to our full range of digital solutions in one simple, affordable monthly package, to help you achieve more from your marketing. 

Stand out and shine

Why do I need brand messaging?

There are many reasons why you need brand messaging.  

Your products, services or value proposition may have changed. 

You may be struggling to connect with your ideal audience.  

There may be a disconnect with your visual identity and the way you communicate.  

Whether you’re looking to clarify your message, realign your branding with your communications, or bring more consistency across your marketing and content with a brand promise that people buy into, QBD can help.


Brand messaging key features

Create connections

Brand messaging is all about connecting with your customers on a deeper level, using narrative that stirs emotion and inspires loyalty and trust.

Communicate your values

Customers want to buy from – and work with – businesses they trust. We can help you define and communicate your purpose values, to tell your brand story.

Be consistent

Strong brand messaging will help reinforce your visual identity and create consistency across all your communication channels and marketing activities.

Increase conversions

Brand messaging is all about keeping your customers engaged throughout the buying cycle, building the trust you need to help them feel comfortable buying from you.

Gain a competitive edge

A clear, consistent and compelling brand message that communicates your purpose and values will help you to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Reposition your business

If you’re thinking of pivoting or evolving your service offering, refreshing your brand messaging will help you tell the right story to your customers.

Tell your story

Understanding your business

We’ll work with you to understand your customers, your objectives and your ambitions, before developing a powerful brand message which resonates with your audience. 

We combine creative flair with strategic insight and understanding to build brands which help businesses stay connected to their ideal customers. 

We can also provide ongoing growth consultancy and support to help you keep pushing your business forwards, ensuring our brand, digital and marketing solutions are working as hard for you as they possibly can, to maximise the return on your investment.

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Evolving your identity

Whether you are looking to take your brand in a completely different direction, or just refresh what you’ve got to ensure your messaging remains compelling, consistent and relevant to your customers, we can help. 

The key to ensuring your brand message continues to resonate with your customers is to put yourself in their shoes and look at your business through their eyes.

What do they see when they look at you? What are their problems, and how do you solve them? What value does your business add?

We can help you create a strong brand message that answers those questions and gives your customers something to buy into.

You can buy any of our content services as a one-off purchase, or they can be part of a G-Series Growth Package and include additional services with easy monthly payments to support your ongoing growth objectives.

It all starts with a conversation. To find out how we can help you get more from your content, get in touch today.

“2020 was a strange year for lots of reasons. Although we are primarily an online business, we do generate lots of sales from events too, so having that avenue cut off hit us hard. However, the digital marketing strategy QBD delivered enabled us to reinvest the money we would have spent on events into campaigns to target new customers, increase brand awareness and drive more sales through our website.”

Adrian Nichols, The Truckle Cheese Company