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Give your sales campaign a boost with custom-built landing pages that make a memorable impression.

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What are landing pages?

If you sell products or services online, landing pages should be a crucial part of your digital toolbox. 

They are designed to capture attention, funnel sales leads and, ultimately, drive conversions so you make more sales. 

When it comes to digital campaigns, landing pages act as the gateway to your business. 

When visitors see your digital ads, emails or social media posts, the call to action will often direct them to a landing page. When they get there, it must make the right impression.

Landing pages should be engaging, memorable and direct.

They need to capture the reader’s attention, educate them about the product or service you’re offering, then prompt them into action. 

Whether you’re looking to generate leads, increase sales or drive traffic to your website, an awesome landing page is the key to achieving your goals.

Generate leads

About our landing pages

We design bespoke landing pages with your users in mind, to influence their behaviour, drive the outcome you’re looking for and deliver a memorable customer experience. They are based on the Interrupt, Engage, Educate, and Offer model, to create a powerful formula for sales and marketing success.

Our expert team will work with you to understand your business, your products or services, and your campaign goals, before creating a bespoke landing page that delivers the results you need. 

Every landing page we create is designed and developed with your audience in mind, to capture their attention, engage them, reinforce your USPs and, ultimately, drive conversions.

Supporting your growth


Our G-Series Growth Packages have been designed to give you access to our full range of digital solutions in one simple, affordable monthly package, to help you achieve more from your marketing. 

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Why do I need a landing page?

There are many reasons why you need a bespoke landing page from QBD.  

Your sales efforts may have stalled, and you need a new way of engaging with, and inspiring, potential customers. 

Your digital campaigns may lack sparkle, and you need to reinvigorate your customer experience. 

You want to drive more traffic to your website and extend your online reach. 

Or you may have an amazing new product or service you want to share with the world, but simply don’t know how.  

Whatever the reason, a bespoke landing page from QBD can help breathe new life into your digital offering.  

We’ll work with you to understand your campaign objectives, before creating a landing page that delivers the results you’re looking for.  

We can also provide ongoing digital consultancy and support to make sure your campaigns are visible, resonate with the right audiences and drive those all-important leads and conversions, to maximise the return on your investment.


Landing pages key features


Every landing page we build is bespoke. Our design team will create stunning visuals that showcase your brand in the best light and make a memorable impression.

Easy integration

Our landing pages can integrate with your existing website, marketing and CRM software so you can track clicks, leads and conversions in real time.

Lead generation

We can create custom lead generation pages using a form as a call to action, to help you collect visitor names, email addresses and marketing consent.

Clicks to conversions

We can help drive the action you’re looking for with landing pages that prompt action and make it easy to convert clicks into sales or subscriptions.

Interrupt, Engage, Educate, Offer

Our landing pages follow the magic ‘IEEO’ marketing formula of interrupting and engaging your prospects, before educating them and offering them something which compels them to take action. 


We can optimise your landing page content for Google and the other search engines to ensure your business appears more frequently in related searches.

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How do I get a landing page from QBD?

Our online and digital solutions have helped hundreds of businesses to grow and reach their goals. 

If you’re looking to boost your online sales campaigns with custom-built landing pages or give your existing website an upgrade to enhance your presence, we can help. Our friendly team of creative, technical and digital experts will take the time to understand your business and objectives before delivering a solution that meets your needs. 

And we don’t just stop there. We can also provide you with ongoing consultancy, support and system updates to keep your digital presence ahead of the curve and maximise the return on your investment. 

You can buy a landing page from us as a one-off purchase, or it can be part of a G-Series Growth Package and include additional services with easy monthly payments to support your ongoing growth objectives.

It all starts with a conversation. To find out how we can help you achieve more online, get in touch today.

QBD’s calm expertise and ‘can-do’ attitude has meant I feel fully involved in the creation of something to reflect me and my business. The personal touch, the reassurance and the ongoing support, has taken all my worries away. If you want a new website and have no idea where to start, QBD are the guys.”

Rebecca Lightfoot, Tip the Balance UK