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From PR and digital campaigns to link-building and content marketing, we’ll help you develop a communications strategy that’s aligned to your business objectives.

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Align your comms

What is communications strategy?

Every piece of content you create, from a simple social media post to a blog, email or magazine feature, should be guided by a communications strategy. 

Creating one will help you to define your communications goals, work out how you are going to achieve them and measure your success. 

It should also be aligned to your overall business strategy to ensure that your marketing activities support your business objectives.

Support your objectives

Build your narrative

For many businesses, knowing what they want to say is one thing, but knowing how to say it in the right way, at the right time, is another thing entirely.

At QBD, we’ll take the time to really get to know your business and your objectives. 

We’ll use that insight to define your message and develop a communications strategy which is aligned to your goals, targets the right people and delivers results.

From campaigns to crisis communications, having the right communications strategy in place will ensure your message gets heard.

Supporting your growth


Our G-Series Growth Packages have been designed to give you access to our full range of digital solutions in one simple, affordable monthly package, to help you achieve more from your marketing. 

Reach more people

Why do I need a communications strategy?

When it comes to any form of marketing activity, you want your message to be heard by the right people, at the right time, in the proper context. A communications strategy that is aligned to your business objectives will help you achieve this. 

At QBD, we’ll work with you to gain a deep understanding of your business, your goals and your customers. We’ll then take this insight to create a strategy which enables you to deliver your message in a consistent way across all your communications channels.


Communications strategy key features

Create consistency

The way your business communicates has a significant impact on your audience. Taking a strategic approach will help create consistency across all your marketing channels.

Understand your audience

A communication strategy will help you define your audience so you can tailor your message, delivery channel and timing for maximum impact.

Support your objectives

Your communications should support your overall business objectives. Having a clear strategy in place will make it easier to achieve your goals.

Bring your message to life

Having a communications strategy which supports your key message will help you bring your brand story to life, engage your customers and make a memorable impact.

Co-ordinate your marketing activities

Having key communications objectives, supported by a well thought out strategy, will help you better plan the marketing activities you need to undertake to get results.

Improve your performance

A communications strategy makes it easier to assess how your marketing is working against your key performance indicators, so you can enhance what’s working and fix what isn’t.

Tell your story

Understanding your business

We’ll work with you to understand your customers, your objectives and your ambitions, before  creating communications strategies which help you reach your business goals.  

We combine creative flair with technical insight and understanding to create strategies which bring your message to life across multiple marketing channels, to connect, engage and inspire your audience and prompt them into action. 

We can also provide ongoing growth consultancy and support to help you keep pushing your business forwards, ensuring our brand, digital and marketing solutions are working as hard for you as they possibly can, to maximise the return on your investment.

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Get your message heard

Communications work better when they are supported by a strategic approach which allows you to tailor your message to different audience groups across multiple channels. 

Whether you’re looking for a one-off product launch or media announcement, ongoing promotional campaigns to build your customer base or support in communicating sensitive news, we can help. 

Our starting point is always your customer. We help you to put yourself in their shoes and look at your business through their eyes. 

Once you understand what they see when they look at you, we’ll help you communicate with them in the right way. 

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“I was really impressed by the depth of expertise and knowledge that the QBD team possess. They were able to quickly develop and deliver a solution, supported by an ongoing strategy, that will help us to achieve our objectives and build our business.”

James Quinn, GB Home Surveys