KPI Reporting

Get regular, transparent updates on all your SEO and digital marketing activities to help you understand where your budget is spent and how it is supporting your growth objectives.

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What is KPI reporting?

KPI reporting is a way of measuring and analysing how your website, SEO and digital marketing activities are performing.

It will help you understand how your website is supporting your growth objectives. 

When it comes to SEO, it can show you which specific keywords are being targeted and why, where your website sits compared to your competitors, where it’s performing well and where improvements can be made. This information can then be used to help identify your top-performing pages and converting keywords and determine the areas of your website that need to be better optimised. 

Digital marketing is effective only if it’s done continuously, to deliver ongoing improvement and keep ahead of any trends and support your wider business strategy. 

So, it’s vital to keep track of your key metrics through regular KPI reporting, so you always know where you are.

Complete transparancy

About our KPI reporting solutions

When you invest in a digital marketing solution with QBD, you need to be sure that it’s working and is delivering a return on your investment. 

That’s where KPI reporting comes in. 

We provide clear, transparent and regular reports to all our clients, so they can understand exactly where their budget is being spent and the results it is delivering. 

Using this data, we also ensure that our efforts can be focused on the areas that need it most, to address underperforming areas of your website quickly and enhance the pages that are working well. 

Supporting your growth


Our G-Series Growth Packages have been designed to give you access to our full range of digital solutions in one simple, affordable monthly package, to help you achieve more from your marketing. 

Peace of mind

Why do I need KPI reporting?

KPI reporting is vital for all aspects of business. No matter how big or small your organisation is, knowing your key numbers, how well they are performing and where they are likely to head is crucial.  

If you are investing in any form of marketing activity, then KPI reporting will be vital to its success. It will help you keep track of your budget, to ensure it is working hard for you and delivering maximum value. 

It will help you benchmark yourself against your competitors and see which areas of your business are performing well and which need to be improved. Most of all, it will give you a completely transparent overview of the work your agency is doing for you, so you can be sure they are using your budget in the best way. 

We’ve invested in the very latest industry-leading tools and technologies to help us report on the metrics that matter most to your business. 

So, you’ll always have a full understanding of the work we’ve done and the next steps we are planning to support your business goals.


KPI reporting key features

Website traffic

Gain important insight into how many people are visiting your website, where they are coming from and what they are looking at when they arrive.

Keyword performance

Keep track of all the keywords you are targeting, how you are performing and what you need to do to improve your search rankings.

Domain Authority

Measure the trust, credibility and authority of your website in the search engines’ eyes to assess how effective your SEO and link-building efforts are.


Determine how many links from other online platforms are directing users to your website and whether they are improving or damaging your domain authority.

Landing Page Optimisation

Understand how your landing pages are performing and how they can be optimised to increase conversions and decrease their bounce rate.

Trends and changes

Get a clear picture of any changes to the search engines’ algorithms, how they affect your SEO and how you can minimise their impact. 

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How do I get KPI reporting from QBD?

KPI reporting comes as standard to all our clients. Whenever we undertake any digital marketing activity on behalf of a customer, we make sure we are completely transparent and up-front about everything we do for them, to provide peace of mind that we are using their budget in the most effective ways. 

So, if you’re looking to make your website more visible in search and get your brand in front of a highly targeted audience, we can help. We’ll take the time to understand your business and objectives before delivering an ongoing SEO solution that meets your needs, with monthly reporting so you can understand exactly what we are doing and why, and the results we are achieving for you.  

We can also provide you with consultancy and support to optimise your broader digital marketing activities so they complement your SEO efforts and continue to deliver results, to maximise the return on your investment in our services.  

It all starts with a conversation. To find out how we can help you get more from your SEO, get in touch today.

“My website was provided by another company, not QBD, and it was not ranking very well in Google. I asked QBD to run some reports and help me understand where the problems were. They were able to quickly identify what I needed to change and provided me with comprehensive reports, a very valuable and highly recommended service.”

Zul Tejrar, Act Direct